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Want to start recreational MJ business?

  • Attend our seminar's
  • Take lesson's from professional's in the Industry
  • Learn about the licensing requirements
  • Learn about Operational Plans
  • Network with others
  • Learn all about starting a MJ business
how to open a dispensary in Oregon
how to start a cannabis business in Oregon

Cannabis Business Formation & Start-up:

  • Corporate formation & compliance
  • Consultation & On going help
  • Trademark Registration for Business / Products
  • Operational Plans, Business Plans, Floor Plans.
  • Turnkey Help With OLCC Application
how to start a cannabis business in Oregon

Marijuana Business Management:

  • Turnkey business management
  • Employee staffing & training
  • Accounting & bookkeeping services
  • Security & Traceability
  • Complete store build-out & management
marijuana management
Cannabis business accounting & bookkeeping

Bookkeeping and Accounting:

  • Small Business Accounting
  • QuickBooks Services
  • Payroll
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Bookkeeping for cannabis business
accounting for dispensary, how to start a cannabis business in Oregon

start a dispensary in Oregon


If you want to start a cannabis business in Oregon, you came to the right place.



  • Position yourself to succeed by attending Oregon Cannabis Institute’s 2 day cannabis business workshops,
  • Learn from attorneys specializing in the cannabis industry and other cannabis professional’s how to start any type of cannabis business,
  • Learn all the licensing requirements for marijuana business,
  • Institute a strategy to scale up your collective garden to a larger commercial operation,
  • Learn how to grow the best quality cannabis, take lessons from expert cannabis horticulturalists from OCI staff,
  • Learn all about the cannabis industry,
  • Create new industry contacts and network with like minded individuals in the marijuana seminars,
  • Check out our seminar details, click here.
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    Attorney for cannabis business

    Cannabis School

    Posted on 16 Dec 2015
    Do you want to become educated about medical cannabis? Gone are the days when cannabis was seen as a harmful drug. Today, it can be openly talked about because medical professionals have been able to find out the benefits it has in the treatment of many diseases and illnesses. Today,
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    Cannabis University

    Posted on 14 Dec 2015
      Anyone who is looking to open a cannabis business must attend a to get all the knowledge and information they need. Starting a cannabis business is not easy and it is important that interested individuals acknowledge this fact. Right from the first step of filling an applicatio

    Marijuana Dispensary

    Posted on 09 Dec 2015
    If you want to find out how to start up a marijuana dispensary then look no further. If you have an interest in opening a cannabis dispensary or collective then it is absolutely essential for you to get as much information as possible. The procedures related to starting up a marijuana
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    Cannabis Academy

    Posted on 08 Dec 2015
    Taking up a course at the cannabis academy is not hard. If you are interested in starting a weed business in the state and think that you meet all the legal requirements, you can take up courses and further your knowledge and skills. There is a lot to learn from these courses and they