Oregon Dispensary Academy

 Oregon Dispensary Academy

Medical marijuana is a rapidly expanding multi-billion dollar industry; the Oregon Dispensary Academy will help you get foundational knowledge that will allow you to learn industry basics. As people are becoming more familiar with the medical benefits of marijuana the more state legislatures are moving toward making cannabis a legal substance and approving its medicinal use.

Courses put on by the Oregon Dispensary Academy have been specially created by industry professionals including lawyers, accountants, and cultivators. Their collective experience will prove invaluable as they bring years of accumulated knowledge, skill, and expertise to these courses. You’ll learn about the differences between strains,Indica, sativa and hybrids. The Different ways you can use the Marijuana plant.By attending the Oregon Dispensary Academy, you can learn to grow cannabis like a pro. You can learn the basics of growing from a cutting to completing the cycle and getting the finished product. Practical lessons are also held which make the learning process easier. Within just a couple of months, you would have completed your courses. There are established guidelines in place when you have to grow cannabis for patients. These courses will help you follow the guidelines so the finished product is high quality and of benefit to the patients.   Oregon Dispensary Academy Oregon Dispensary Academy

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