Recreational Marijuana

Recreational Marijuana

Recreational marijuana is now legal in Oregon state but that does not mean that the state’s universities will permit its use on their respective campuses. Both public and private universities say that nothing has changed or will change with regard to their drug and alcohol guidelines.

As a student, 21 years old or otherwise, you will not get a pass just because recreational marijuana has been legalized in the state. Marijuana, in all of its forms, still violates school regulations at every Oregon college that receives federal funding.

Kelly McIver, university of Oregon Police Department, says, “Universities, being federally funded, are obligated to follow federal regulations when it comes to treatment of controlled substances such as marijuana.” She continued, “Don’t expect a big change, because marijuana will still be a no-no here on University of Oregon property, regardless of the age of a person.”

Oregon’s marijuana law states that cannabis cannot be consumes in public places, including school. The clause is unclear about whether “public places” includes its colleges and universities.

The new law, however, will not affect researches on campus who are engaging in scientific studies to learn more about the nature of the substance. Researcher Ben Hansen at Oregon University focuses on substance use and its connection to risky behavior. He has found that the states that have legalized marijuana have seen declines in drunk driving deaths and suicide.Recreational MarijuanaRecreational Marijuana

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